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Ethiopia is known for its history of diversified cultural and traditional practices. Some of these practices are beneficial to the maintenance and perpetuation of society as a whole, while others have long for long negatively affected the livelihood and wellbeing of its population, particularly those of women and children. The positive practices such as breast feeding, post natal care, peaceful settling of conflicts, social gathering, working in group (Idir, Ekub, Debo), extended family, and solidarity during disasters (sharing of the provisions) are beneficial for the health and psycho-social wellbeing of the society as a whole and for those of women and children whose needs have to be met and values preserved. Such beneficial traditional practices can be good examples even for the external world and their continuity should be encouraged. On the other hand, the severe harmful traditional practices such as FGM, Early Marriage (EM), food taboos, tribal marks, and other skin cutting practices that affect the health of the population should be eradicated from the country.

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