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 Organization for the Development of Women and Children Ethiopia [ODWaCE]

Project Title: Improving and promoting the sexual and reproductive health(SRH) of  women and girls in Ethiopia.

Total Budget Allocated: Birr 1,691,450.65

Duration of the Project : January 21,2013-January 20,20145)

Project Areas/ sites: Oromiya (Arsi Zone), Tigray, & Amhara (North Wollo)

Project Objectives:

  • Strengthen the capacities of 358 influential people from15 targeted kebeles and institutions such as school clubs, women associations and Women affairs office in Dodota district on RH issues.
  • Mobilize over 16,000 populations against RH problems in 15 targeted kebeles through the 358 influential people until the end of 2013.
  • Provide 10 victim women of
  • Training local partners on equal footing for men and women.
  • Enabling Women and children affairs offices and women associations as well as      

Strategies :

     School clubs to play catalyst role to ensure the participation and benefit of  

  • Providing capacity building materials to Women and Children   Affairs office.
  • Increasing the participation of women and survivors of RH to take active role in the efforts to abandon RH.
  • Enabling local partners to design ways and meanness to identify victims and bring them forward to receive medical care, counselling and rehabilitation
  • Strengthening of the local institutions by providing training on RH.

Target groups

The target groups of the project include the public in the project area in general and specific groups such as :

  • Representatives of regional government’s sector offices, health extension workers, policy makers, religious/community leaders, media personnel, students, teachers/school community, parents, practitioners, mentor etc.
  • The project had 17,800 direct and 60,000 indirect beneficiaries. Moreover, 358 influential leaders trained on RH issues to mobilize an sensitize the satiated number of population in 15 targeted kebeles of the project area.

you can find the project report file here

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