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 Organization for the Development of Women and Children Ethiopia [ODWaCE]

Project Title: Support to Children to Overcome Community Attitude & Behavior

Implementation period:- January 1st 2013 – December 31, 2014

Duration of the Project: 2 3/4 Years (November, 2011 –   June, 2014)

Project Site: Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR & AA  

The target groups are: Women, men, girls & boys, religious & clan leaders, Journalists, GOs & NGOs as well as relevant stakeholders.Objectives of the Project:


  • Contributing to the total abandonment that harms the health of women and children.    
  •  Community members’ long standing behaviour of women and children health altered as a result of awareness raising campaigns and community conversation.
  • Create societies that refuse to practice to the negative effects of women and children and make healthy decisions for their daughters & wives.
  • Influence relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to gear efforts towards achieving health society,
  • Engaging both men and boys in communities where better health of women and children are required.
  • Expand the knowledge base about the consequences of reproductive health  through the distribution of information, Education, & Communication (IEC) materials as well as sharing best practices,
  • Empowering media personnel to bring the issue of women and children health on their agenda to enable them mobilize communities.
  • Assess, document s on indigenous knowledge related to the negative effect of the women and children.

you can find the anual report file here

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