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Ethiopia is one of Africa’s developing nations having many cultures and cultural practices.  Among these diverse cultures, emerge traditional practices that have both a negative and positive impact on the society.

Leaving aside the cultural practices that have a positive impact, the issues of harmful traditional practices have been a long talk for many years within and outside of the academia.

The initiatives of international agencies followed by government commitments paved the way for the flourishing of NGOs and civil societies engaged in the prevention and abandonment of HTPs. Efforts to end the practice require understanding and changing the beliefs and perceptions that have sustained the practice over the centuries. Since the case at hand is culturally deep rooted within and among the different segments of the Ethiopian societies, a multi-faceted and muti-displinary action is highly needed. It is a practice that has a long chain of effect by passing from one generation to the other.

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In the year 2004 NCTPE was renamed as Ye Ethiopia Goji limadawi Dirgitoch Aswogaj Mahiber (EGLDAM) and it was re-registered on October, 2005 under registration number 0098 in accordance with the new Charities and Societies proclamation No. 621/2009. Like its procedure, EGLDAM was guided by a decision of general assembly, executive board and the secretariat. EGLDAM was also a member of the Inter African Committee (IAC) whose members are drawn from 28 African countries.

EGLDAM‘s membership is composed of individuals committed for the total abandonment of harmful Traditional Practices.  Carrying forward, it had the following mission, vision and goal.

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In the 2004, a new Civil Societies and Charities law has been issued. Based on this law, the name and objectives of EGLDAM was changed to Organization for the Development of Women and Children Ethiopia/ODWaCE.

ODWaCE is the former Ye Ethiopia Goji Limadawi Dirgitoch Aswogaji Mahiber/EGLDAM. Whereas EGLDAM for the past 25 years was engaged in the struggle against harmful traditional practices which affect the health and social well being of women and children.

The role of ODWaCE in the future in regard HTPs would be to share its expertise and resources for government sector offices like Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affair, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). On top of this ODWaCE is the member of national HTPs strategy and the national alliance to end child marriage. Both are organized MoWCYA. Based on this ODWaCE will continue to contribute its experiences and resources in the area of HTPs.

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Brief Pictorial Presentation about the Organization can be found HERE

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